Norm Coleman: Weasel


  1. #1 T. Hunt
    December 5, 2008

    Why are these reporters still there? Why aren’t they out doing their job? After the second statement by the spokesgoober, they all should have stood up and said, “Thanks, we’ve got our story; see ya!” and walked out. Why are they dragging this thing out to make it seem like some sort of valid press conference?

    If they were to all go back to their desks and write that Norm Coleman refuses to disclose ALL the gifts he has received and that he will NOT tell the people of his district what kind of sweetheart job his wife has and then start digging to find out whats going on, they might get a little more out of the press secretary next time. Once the Coleman PR folks figure out that these scribes are not going to just write down what they’re given like babies being spoonfed, maybe the level of information will go up instead of this silly stonewalling.

    And if the reporters want some kind of ‘gotcha’ moment, they’ll have to work for it. Yes, politicians are dumb but they’re not THAT dumb.

    What if a politician gave a press conference and nobody came?

    T. Hunt