IBM makes a move

IBM launches first Linux-OpenOffice desktop with virtualization features …

IBM has added a Linux desktop with new virtualization capabilities to its portfolio.

The Virtual Desktop, which bundles Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux, Virtual Bridges’ KVM-based desktop virtualization software and IBM’s Open Collaboration Client Solution, is available now, Big Blue announced on Thursday.

None of the pieces are new. But the bundled solution makes it easier and cheaper for companies to deploy a complete VDI solution on Linux, IBM maintains. IBM’s OCCS includes Lotus Symphony, its implementation of the ODF-based OpenOffice, as well as Lotus Notes and other applications.

“People are finally getting comfortable with what virtualization can do for them on the desktop. It’s been on the server but now people want to know why they can’t virtualize client workloads,” said Austin, Texas-based Jeff Smith, vice president of Linux and open source for the IBM Software Group, in an interview this week. …

Indeed. Could this be the death knell for Microsoft Windows?

Hat tip: Joe.