First off, TUIBG is in trouble again, rush to his blog and help him now NOW. Please.

I had a guy who also kept not paying me. I took care of it in a very special way that I don’t think Mike has available to him. I’ll tell you the story some time.

“Update on the “Stolen” Dinosaur Tracks”
.. a very interesting story at Paleochick.

Ethiopia archaeology: Gademotta Stone Tools Hint Anatomically Modern Humans May Date Back 276,000 Years

Yea, but not really. In Ethiopia they use a different calendar so it would really be 275,999.334 years.

A story of the holidays, just stareting now, ad Around the Campfire:

RS-37B glanced down at the galactic navigator situated on the dash again. He had planned this trip away from the hustle and bustle of the Galactic Empire with his familial unit for a long time. As much as it went against his programming RS had the sinking feeling he was lost.

His spousal unit JN-46X noticed the movement. “RS, maybe you should pull over at the next Ion Charging station and get directions.”

Year, right, like that’s going to happen… Read it here.

Quote of the week: `Behind every successful woman there is an astonished man.’ … read the context here.

More blogging on Body swapping, but to read this you need to swap into an Italian speaker’s body: Se fossi in te.