Crazy Church People Pray To Cars


  1. #1 Lou FCD
    December 9, 2008

    At least there’s evidence that cars exist, so I suppose that’s a step forward.

  2. #2 Mike Haubrich, FCD
    December 9, 2008

    So, if God intervenes and rewards stupidity, doesn’t that just encourage more stupidity? The automakers refused to adapt to the coming needs of the marketplace in favor if high-margin trucks that are now not selling and they knew that this was a problem (gas mileage) as far back as the 1970’s. Every year, bigger trucks.

  3. #3 Romeo Vitelli
    December 9, 2008

    You make them sound like idol worshippers (as opposed to idle worshippers). They’re not praying to cars, that would be silly. They’re offering up the cars as a sacrifice to the God of Cars to bring them a bountiful car harvest.

  4. #4 Notagod
    December 9, 2008

    Either way christians are stupid. I know there is a vocal minority that thinks we should address the stupidity of christianity and not the stupidity of the christians. However, christians have no god, they have a god-idea. The christians are their god-idea it exists only within the christian mind. Now, at times christians do normal human activities that normal people do and at those times they might actually do something intelligent but, whenever christians are being christians they are being stupid.

  5. #5 WTFWJD
    December 10, 2008

    Casting spells?