Do you live in Minnesota?

If not, ignore this blog post.

If so, then my next question is, are you an atheist, agnostic, or free thinkier kinda person? If not, then ignore this blog post.

If so, then my next question is, are you a member of Minnesota Atheists? If not, then.


On the left side bar: A “join and donate” link just waiting for you.


  1. #1 Stephanie Z
    December 10, 2008

    Good drinks dinner at Manny’s then?

  2. #2 g
    December 10, 2008

    Me? Drinks? Dinner? What? …

    … everybody check your email. I’m slightly drunk I tend to send emails.

  3. #3 Bjorn Watland
    December 10, 2008

    Or, you can use this fancy direct link:,com_civicrm/Itemid,73/

    We’re doing the hard work of educating the public about atheism, watching local governments for first amendment violations and we host interesting speakers at monthly meetings, in addition to sending out an interesting newsletter, producing a monthly cable show, and a weekly radio show, all with volunteers!

  4. #4 Mike Haubrich, FCD
    December 10, 2008

    Everyone who joins gets the opportunity to get Stephanie’s autograph.

  5. #5 Stephanie Z
    December 11, 2008

    Or Mike’s or Bjorn’s–even Greg’s if he’s sober enough to write his name by that point.

  6. #6 MReap
    December 11, 2008

    Would this open-minded Episcopalian be welcome?

  7. #7 Greg Laden
    December 11, 2008

    I’m sure Episcopalians are totally welcome.