I hope these stories are not related to each other…

Great beasts peppered from space

There is fairly convincing evidence that the explosion of an object not of this earth hit mammoths and other Pleistocene Mega Beasts with shrapnel up in Siberia and Alaska.

Boeing’s 12,000lb chemical laser set to fry targets from aircraft

Earthlings have finally developed an effective, large scale, and portable Ray Gun.

Global group aims to return Martian soil to Earth

There is a plan to go to Mars and bring back some dirt. Who knows what is going to be in that dirt?

Who Speaks for Earth? … From Seed Magazine:

After decades of searching, scientists have found no trace of extraterrestrial intelligence. Now, some of them hope to make contact by broadcasting messages to the stars. Are we prepared for an answer?


Fellow Earthlings, do you need me to connect the dots for you?


  1. #1 Ian
    December 11, 2008

    Greg –

    Which are the Dots? I know one of them is Dot Matrix from “Spaceballs”, but I can’t figure out who the other Dot is to whom she needs to be connected. You don’t mean the D.O.T. do you?!

  2. #2 Klatu
    December 11, 2008

    You earthlings are so annoying with your so called “dots”