I was totally wrong …

… about the distribution of food at dinner tonight. Well, not totally. SIL and FIL did not exchange food. But everything else was wrong. But no matter, really.

Warning: If you go to Manny‘s, you should know that they moved. Manny’s is now in the Forshay building. Otherwise it’s the same old Manny’s. Bring lots of money. Expect to bring home bags of meat.

Manny’s motto is “Life is good at the top of the food chain.” And that is meant in more ways than one. Manny’s is where the teams eat. You know, the teams. Like the Vikings. It is an expense-account place too. It is where the people in the Finance Industry (the bail out before this one) eat. There are more people eating in Manny’s that are NOT from Minnesota than people who are, because if you are in town on a fat expense account staying in a Minneapolis hotel, you’ll eat here at least once. This is the only restaurant in town that I know of that has a five thousand dollar bottle of wine (I’m estimating, can’t remember the exact amount). It’s a big bottle. Like four gallons.

Anyway, dinner was excellent, and the waiter had the grace not to flinch at all when we paid with a stack of about ten gift cards accumulated over the last decade or so.

Oh. And their chocolate martini’s … they’re totally clear, like water. How do they do that?

OK, well, good night all. I’ve got to go to bed so I can get up early. Gotta go find the car before my first meeting at work….


  1. #1 BZ
    December 11, 2008

    That would be the Foshay Tower! My favorite building downtown (in appearance).

    What’s your take on Manny’s vs. Murray’s?

    Did you walk through the new W’s lobby?