Wait — my headline is wrong. Coleman isn’t stealing the election, and neither is Franken. Both sides are going to fight the recount battle all the way to the end, and that’s the way it should be.

And the election isn’t in chaos. Routine problems are being handled routinely, with one precinct still up in the air. It’s just an unbelievably close election, and no one knows who will win.

What is happening, though, is that the national Republicans (Ann Coulter, Powerline, Wall Street Journal) are setting the stage for a “stolen election” claim. …

This post is dead on. Here at GLB, we monitor Coulter and them-all very closely.

Please read the original post by John Emerson.


  1. #1 Mike
    December 10, 2008

    Certainly caught my attention.

    When will the last precinct finish and the legal wrangling begin in earnest?

  2. #2 John Emerson
    December 11, 2008

    Thanks for the link!

    I’ve been going around the internet posting comments on blogs spreading the “stolen election” meme. It’s not futile: one guy basically accepted by argument, and another took his post down.

    I am unable to post at the following sites, for whatever reason, and maybe someone else can give it a try.

    Caleb Howe

    Hot Air

    More slanderous sites can be found here.

    What I’ve found is most effective is the quiet, businesslike enumeration of the facts, without rhetoric — most of these people are ill-informed. Just point out that both sides are playing the same game, and that that’s as it should be, and that so far nothing scandalous has happened, contrary to rumors.

    I do believe that this is worth it. Not everyone reading those thread is a confirmed winger, and we need to blunt the rumor-spreading before it reached critical mass.