Archives for December 11, 2008

“Made Easy” series DVD now ready

Wow … talk about viral videos!

Oldest LOLCAT Found

Larry Burns: Reinventing the car

The 10K birds Just For Fun Avian ID Quiz! Videos of developmental trajectories in cortical thickening Japan harnesses commuters’ stamping for power from Japan has found a way to harness clean energy from thousands of stamping feet that pass through one of its busiest train stations every day. […] Fear of nuts creating hysteria…

Franken Campaign and the Absentee Ballots

On the eve of a key State Canvassing Board meeting on the U.S. Senate race, Democrat Al Franken presented affidavits today from 62 Minnesotans who said their absentee ballots were improperly rejected. With Franken behind in the official Senate recount, the affidavits were the latest attempt by the campaign to increase the pressure on the…

Bloggers unite. Unite in time! PLoS is holding it’s second syncrhoblogging contest (the first one of which was one in part by yours truly). The plan: Using Research Blogging Dot Org as an assimilator, write up a PLoS paper and blog it on the 18th of December, which is PLoS’s birthday. To be more exact…

as in … The most recent issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach is now available free online. This is a special issue devoted to the evolution of eyes. Enjoy. CLICK HERE for details.