Bloggers unite. Unite in time! PLoS is holding it’s second syncrhoblogging contest (the first one of which was one in part by yours truly).

The plan: Using Research Blogging Dot Org as an assimilator, write up a PLoS paper and blog it on the 18th of December, which is PLoS’s birthday.

To be more exact and to get it right, go HERE and follow Bora’s carefully laid out directions.

Anybody who is anybody is going to do this. We are going to bury the intertubes with science blogging on PLoS papers.


  1. #1 Coturnix
    December 11, 2008

    18th, not 20th. PLoS ONE only. Thanks for the shoutout.

  2. #2 Greg Laden
    December 11, 2008

    Oops … well, that could have been a Freudian attempt to win the contest by being the only entrant who posts on the 18th…