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Joan’s Darwinian Conundrum

I know each cell evolved into a plant
Or animal or Dinosaur or ant
And that the real true Adam was an atom.
Still, though I know this data here (or datum)

Anthropomorphic dreams are hard to ban
I’m wondering if I ever really can.
It may be seasonal, this backward slipping,
When warming earth brings thoughts of skinny-dipping.

The Congo Memoirs

“How big were they?” I said.

“About this big,” he replied, squinching his right eye down on his monocle, cigarette holder erect in the left corner of his mouth, his safari hat tilted back, his riding pants pressed and motorcycle boots shined, and his hands about 90 cm. apart. “… yes, I’d say about zeez big,”

Are you reading the Congo Memoirs? No? You should be. Start here.

Quote: Channeling is just bad ventriloquism. You use another voice, but people can see your lips moving. – Penn Jillette [source: Salad is slaughter]

Check your Chinese characters before you make it the cover of your journal

A respected research institute wanted Chinese classical texts to adorn its journal, something beautiful and elegant, to illustrate a special report on China. Instead, it got…

When discussing Darwin and the Galapagos and the Finches, I always like to add in the Hawian birds. Had Darwin ended up in Hawaii instead of the Galapagos, the growth of biological thought would have been somewhat different. Here is a picture of some Hawaiian Honeyeaters to illustrate my point.

Why chiropractors shouldn’t be “doctors”

Larry Moran at Sandwalk has two related posts you need to check out if you are interested in Framing and Science: Richard Cizik Resigns and Matt Nisbet Explains His Anti-Dawkins Spin.


  1. #1 Zuri
    December 14, 2008

    This is regarding Galapagos Finches. I think that those little sparrow-like birds, are the most incredible lesson in natural selection.