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Maddow on the Myth of “Clean Coal”

Minnesota Wins!

We got on another one of those lists of the mostest or the bestest. Let’s see, what did we do this time… Oh. Never mind. It seems that our congressional representative from the Sixth District, Michel Bachmann, has gotten on the list of the Most Embarrassing Re-elected Members of Congress, a list maintained by the…

Supreme Court Overturns Bush v. Gore

WASHINGTON–In an unexpected judicial turnaround, the Supreme Court this week reversed its 2000 ruling in the landmark case of Bush v. Gore, stripping George W. Bush of his earlier political victory, and declaring Albert Arnold Gore the 43rd president of the United States of America. The court, which called its original decision to halt manual…

Geo Sense

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Bush Attacked in Iraq

OMG!!!! … I have new respect for Bush. He’s really good at ducking, it turns out. Yes, yes, indeed. In Arab culture (which may or may not pertain to Iraq, depending on ethnicity) the sole of the FOOT is very very dirty. I don’t know so much about the sole of the shoe. But I’m…

You can run but you can not hide

Bachmann’s Religious Cult Organizes Minnesota School Assemblies that Frighten, Disturb Students. Female students are told they “… should be pretty much [their] husband’s slaves.” One’s student’s reaction: “When I graduate, I’m not going to shake my school administrators hand.” I drive through Pequot Lakes (and Pine River) several times a year. It’s the town on…

This Photograph Needs a Caption

A Bunch of Science News

Math Gains Reported for U.S. Students American fourth- and eighth-grade students made solid achievement gains in math in recent years and in two states showed spectacular progress, an international survey of student achievement released on Tuesday found. Science performance was flat. NYT ZImbabwe: The New Zaire Zimbabwe: Cholera introduced by West from (AP) —…

Happy Blogoversary 2 Me

This day on December 14th, 2006, I began to blog.