Franken Challenges Finished.

Moments ago, the Minnesota State Canvassing Board has completed the review of several hundred challenges produced during the process of recounting the November 5th ballots in the US Senate race between Norm Coleman and Al Franken. The next stage will be to review the Coleman challenges, of which there are approximately double the number as Franken challenges. While it is possible that the Canvassing board will begin looking at Coleman challenges today, word has it that they are going to knock off a half hour early after a brief discussion of some other issues. The original plan to finish this process by the end of the day Friday is not likely to happen, especially if the Coleman camp continues their current patter of adding rather than removing challenges (Franken removed most of their challenges. Coleman removed some, then put some back.)

I have a number of observations to make about the process, and will do so shortly. First I have to cook dinner or my family will starve, apparently.