We’ve been doing a lot of math in our house lately. Amanda is working out the relationship between ATPase production and force in muscle (turns out that requires piles of math) and Julia is learning Algebra. Meanwhile, I’ve mainly been cooking dinner. Like this:

OK, OK, so that one does not work so well. This one is infallible:


  1. #1 Stacy S.
    December 18, 2008

    Nope – broccoli. Did I miss something?

  2. #2 Greg Laden
    December 18, 2008

    I thought carrot. My wife thought green pepper.

  3. #3 Chris
    December 18, 2008


  4. #4 minusRusty
    December 19, 2008

    “Banana”. :-\

    Hey, I was thinking outside the box… :-O

  5. #5 Who Cares
    December 19, 2008

    Dangit that second trick should have been limited to N

  6. #6 Theo Bromine
    December 19, 2008

    1) I thought of eggplant. Which is a vegetable (in culinary terms anyway) that I like to eat but am allergic to. Perhaps having said number “8” in my head, eggplant was similar sounding. Or something.

    2) I baffled most of my co-workers (engineers and techies) with this one a few years back, but the one guy who was a mathematician saw through it immediately (and then proceeded to explain it to everyone else).

  7. #7 Aaron Luchko
    December 19, 2008


  8. #8 tony
    December 19, 2008

    potato(e) šŸ™‚

  9. #9 John Moeller
    December 19, 2008