Teachers Under Fire

There IS a conspiracy …

If you analyze the language that is bandied about by the creationist children and parents, it is clear that they are all on the same page. They are getting their information from their local creationist group, or their pastor, or particular internet sites. If fighting evolutionary biology in schools was ever determined by the courts to be a political act (which it is) there are probably a lot of churches that would have their IRS tax status yanked!

This Year in Review post
is one of my favorites, and indeed has been passed around among US Public School teachers and occasionally left on administrators’ desks for them to “find.”


  1. #1 carey
    December 25, 2008

    And for an interesting look at how you get children to spout denialist dogma in unison, everyone should see the movie Jesus Camp.
    Fearful tribalism trumps reason every time. Which is why Christian fundamentalists keep beating the drum about martydom and persecution of Christians by humanists. Perpetual war is good for solidarity, even if the category errors become egregious.