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This post arose as a convoluted experiment in internet perception, curious motivations, and blogging ethics. Almost none of the objectives of this post were met, but it does include three photographs of sexy naked ladies, so you probably do not want to go there. Don’t. Click. Here.

Children from low-income families in the US and Britian are disadvantaged in school, according to research just now coming out from the University’s Centre for Market and Public Organisation. From a press release:

This is one of those cases where our language gets the logic of biology backwards (or otherwise wrong) and at the same time potentially causes inappropriate human responses. Also, this approach to “morning sickness” is dripping with adaptationism. Which is good. Got a problem with that? Have a look.

According to family legend, my grandmother gave birth to my father three months early. The doctors told her that he was born prematurely, and would soon die. It was suggested that she take him home and call a priest. So she took the infant home and lit the wood stove, and made a crib for…

This post is good for you.

One of my most widely read posts became widely read mainly by being linked to by a very popular blog. I’m not normally including such posts in this retrospective Year in Review, for obvious reasons. However, in this case, because I think this post is good for you, I am going to send you there…