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The natural basis for gender inequality

Naturalism is a potential source of guidance for our behavior, morals, ethics, and other more mundane decisions such as how to build an airplane and what to eat for breakfast.1 When it comes to airplanes, you’d better be a servant to the rules of nature or the airplane will go splat. When it comes to…

Culture Dish: The New Blog

We are now authorized by the blog herders to provide you with the very exciting news that Rebecca Skloot, of Culture Dish, has joined! HERE

Clarification on Bush at Kennedy

Pertaining to this post: George Bush Makes me Laugh The phrase “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me” is an old southern (Southeastern, I think) expression once used by Bill Clinton. It was also used by BB King in one of his songs, and BB King was in fact on…

Start with The Zodiac

… So, if you drive the boat downstream past the hippos they watch you go by, the big male feints attack a few times, you get past them, and everybody gets over it. Up ahead, the next pod of hippos has observed this, and they are waiting for your arrival…. Read the rest.

Republicans Issue Obnoxious Statement

… regarding the Franken-Coleman Recount. Remember Norm Coleman declaring victory over and over again when he was a couple of hundred votes ahead, prior to the recount? Remember Norm Coleman declaring that the only right thing to do was for Franken to simply withdraw from the race? The RNC has issued this statement: WASHINGTON, Dec.…

The sometimes visible search thingie

See? It really exists.