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Fuck this!

This is the ONLY documentary I’ve ever seen that tells it like it really is in the natural world. Fuck Planet Earthby Nyxem

Is moving along towards final production with today’s announcement of the 30 or 40 posts selected out of some 500+ entries. Details here at A Blog Around the Clock. Apparently cartoons and poems will be announced Sunday.


Let us begin with the Best LOL Owl ever created, here at TUIBG Very explicit photographs of insects having sex are here, but you must be over 18 to see them. Click here if you are over 18 Michael Newdow is going to be the guest on Atheist Talk Radio (Air America AM 950) Sunday…

Franken lead rises to over 200

And the worst case scenario is that this lead could drop by far less then necessary to turn the race around. Everyone assumes that the loser, in this case Coleman, will file a law suit. It would fit with how the game has been played so far. But what would such a law suit do?…

Best TV Show Evah

Or perhaps just the scariest… Game Show In My Head. (Chances are this has been on TV for years and I’ve never noticed it, but we just happened to watch it tonight. Not that we ever watch TV … we just happened to bump into the TV and it turned on and stuff.) Have you…