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Have you noticed that Rachel Maddow, the newly en-scheduled MSNBC Cable News Show host, has a lot of interesting and rather endearing mannerisms of speech and presentation? Of course you have. But have you also noticed that Rachel also has a large and growing influence on the manersisms of others on both radio and TV?…

I Hope You Get to See This

More Sara Palin Funnee

Start planning your weekend now!

Because you won’t be able to do what you usually do, which is sit there in front of your computer reading my blog and commenting on PZ’s blog, refreshing the 24 hour page to see if there are any new posts by anybody, and imagining what it must be like to be a…

They Told Me to YouTube This

The TV told me to “youtube” the Australian leader Rudd’s Parliamentary statement tearing Howard a new one in regards to his statement about Obama and the American Democrats. So I did, and I thought I’d share it with you. Kinda fun: Mr Howard later lost the election to Mr. Rudd. Oh, and Obama and the…

Vote for the Best Science Blog!

Click Here and then click on … well, whatever you want, but there is currently a very close race between 60 Second Science and Greg Laden’s Blog. For last place. You can vote every day on each computer that you can find. It’s OK, really.