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I’ve been memed …. Again!

OK, let’s get this over with. One: Link to the person who tagged you. Here. Go look, this person has some really strange quirks, you’ll want to read all of them!!!!! Two: Post the rules. That’s this right here. Three: Write six random things about yourself. See below. Four. Tag six people. See below below.…

One of the most interesting and exciting stories in science is that of the Younger Dryas. The Younger Dryas was a climate event that had important effects on human history, and that has been reasonably linked to some of our most important cultural changes, and ultimately some evolutionary changes as well. That is one reason…

Bush and Harry Use the P-Word

Americans, take note: Prince Harry has apologised for using offensive language to describe a member of his army platoon. The News of the World has published video in which the prince calls one of his Sandhurst colleagues a “Paki” in commentary he made over filming. bbc Now, help me out here, citizens of the UK…

Bragging About States

Been there: visited 37 states (74%)Create your own visited map of The United States or try another Douwe Osinga project Hat tip: Mike. Obviously I have a few gaps to fill.

Atheist Talk Radio Fail

Read the harrowing adventure of Stephanie and Mike. Here. And Mike’s version of the story is HERE. We thank FSM that everyone lived.

Quotes by Larry Wall

If you don’t know who Larry Wall is then never mind. Here’s a sampler:

Radio Controlled Robot Bar

Mobile Bar – BaR2D2 – Watch more free videos

Even a little power corrupts absolutely

It is a travesty when the lives of young people doing little more than trying to make a point are tossed aside in order to make the likes of federal prosecutors, FBI agents, state investigators, and the occasional mayor and governor feel like they have larger than average dick. Which is pretty much what happened…


Five of the world’s strangest plants. Something you can do with all those disposable chopsticks you are saving up: Make a canoe. Something you can do with all those extra leather belts you have laying around the house: Use them for flooring.

…. via his court challenge of the recount that places Al Franken ahead are assessed by Eric Kleefeld: The complaint ignores the existence of counter-evidence, employs one maneuver when it is self-benefiting and opposes the same maneuver when it goes against them, attacks not just the recount but votes that were counted for Franken all…