May this blog rest in peace

A colleague has fallen, honorably.

That night, as I lay down to sleep, I was still overwhelmed by blogging guilt. The Chinook winds were blowing–erratic, chilling gusts that blew down from the Rockies and slammed into the plains. They haunted me all night with whistles and whines, shaking the house and rattling the windows. I closed my eyes and tried to shut it out, to let peaceful sleep come and silence both the winds and my guilt. But that only led me to think about classes starting in a week, about the work I’ve started, and the Christmas boxes sitting downstairs waiting to be packed away for another year. I wondered how I would have the time to deal with everything. Then it came to me. Let it go. It isn’t worth the sleepless nights, the pressure, the guilt….

And thusly, Chaotic Utopia, a very nice blog indeed, slips away after three years of thoughtful and often poetic existence. We will miss Karmen. She was one of the good ones.

Go back to Chaotic Utopia’s site in a week or two and you’ll find out about Karmen’s plans to keep a modest presence on the internet. She intends to. Or is that just talk, the kind of think one does to ease into a transition. Like when the vet handed me back my sick cat and said “Take her home and give her one of these pills every day. The pills will kill her in about two months, but until then she’ll be in less pain. Then, when you are ready, in a week or two, just bring her back and we’ll put her down.”

OK, OK, maybe it is not THAT morbid. We see that Karmen is making a good decision and no vet is going to put her down. She’s going to write other stuff, do other things. She started blogging thee years ago when blogging was more of a risky venture than it is today. Karmen will find it easy to slip back into the blogosphere at some point in the future, for long or short term, when she wants to do so.

Good bye Chaotic Utopia.