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Unhealthy Diet in Ancient Near East

This is an old story being resurrected wiht new data: Biblical diet ‘unhealthy’ A new study into the diet of ancient Israel has revealed that far from being ‘the land of milk and honey’, its inhabitants suffered from the lack of a balanced diet.

This is the sixth in a series of reposts from on global warming. In the last post in this series I talked about two aspects of large scale climate change: Milankovitch orbital geometry and the cycles of glaciation this effect causes, and the role of plate tectonics and related changes in altering sea and…

Janie Belle has Entered the Building

I finally met Janie Belle. That woman is very dedicated to blogging, to science, and to science blogging, because she came all the way from pretty far away to visit the ScienceOnline 09 conference. Thinks have been getting pretty boring around here, but now they may turn exciting. Perhaps too exciting. Conferences can be interesting.


Praxis Blog Carnival – Your Graduate Guide To Succeeding In 2009 is HERE at Podblack Cat

I’m in. In North Carolina, that is. Nothing happening yet. It is about 100 degrees warmer here than it was when I woke up this am. Flew with Stephanie Zvan (Almost Diamonds) and Ben Zvan (who is here to do a photo shoot). Checking out room, internet, preparing to go get a bite to eat…

This is the fifth in a series of reposts from on global warming. During the 1970s and 80s, creationists had a long list of reasons to doubt evolution, and every one of those reasons was wrong. But they had so many reasons, and it was so hard to keep track of them all, each…