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As we speak, someone is getting medical treatment at the inaugural indoors ceremony lunch thingie. Details will follow. It is not the president or the vp or their immediate families. There are a lot of old people there, it could be almost anything. UPDATE: It was Ted Kennedy, taken away on a stretcher. Hopefully a…

Yes we did: The Speech, etc.

Speech part one: Speech part two: Transcript Here.

OMG They Screwed Up the Oath of Office!

CHECK IT OUT!!! CLICK HERE!!!! CLICK HERE!!!! I am rolling of the floor laughing (ROFL). If you didn’t see it, watch the YouTube Video. (He totally made up for it with the speech, of course.) You may also note two precious moments earlier in the day: 1) When George Herbert Walker Bush was coming out…

Good Bye RPM

RPM at Evolvgen is no longer with us, in the blogospheric sense. He sends word that he is very happy not blogging but is concerned that he will have withdraw in a few days. Here is his farewell message.

Science Online 09

I plan to write a couple of posts about the many interesting sessions we had at Science Online 09, in particular regarding issues of gender, race, pseudonymous (and anonymous) blogging, as well as the problems bloggers may encounter when their blog conflicts with their boss’s version of reality. The above photo is an example of…