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Dusty Trice and his Magic Doggie

Not since Helen Keller’s Dog learned to say “I Ruv Yur” and Skoobie Do learned to say “Rorri Crap Rets Ret Routa Rere” has anything this amazing happened in Dog World. Former Franken Campaign Staffer Dusty Trice is working on learnin’ his dog to say “Obama” when asked “Who’s your President?” And it’s going pretty…

The End is Near, You IT Bastards!

A special guest post by Jimmy James Bettencourt The way IT is managed is totally borked. This is a travesty. But a change is coming. A change we can use.

Symbols matter

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I’m a little worried

The following is a proof developed by a number of economists at Harvard. It is a proof of the inability of women to understand technologically complex problems, math, engineering, that sort of thing. it is claimed that it almost always works. Now, I’m not saying that Larry Summers was party to this proof, or even…

Welcome Science Punk‘s Frank Swain.

High Five Inauguration

I don’t pretend to understand everything I see. HIGH-FIVE INAUGURATION! – watch more funny videos