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Why They Love Monty Python

What happens on February 14th?

Lots of important things. For one, it’s Amanda’s birthday! Then, there is some holiday on that date, can’t remember. Labor day or something. Then, the 2009 Readers’ Choice Awards for Linux Journal come out! Between now and then, go ahead and vote on your favorite Linux Stuff. To take the survey, must insall lynx if…

Linux 2.6 kernel on the iPhone?

Not a problem. Place your iPhone near the screen and click here.

Such a thing may be redundant, what with “Scientific Linux” and all. But I ask the question seriously. There is a fair amount of religious gobbledygook mixed in with Linux and IT generally, and a Distro like Godlessbuntu might be just the trick. Where is the religion in Linux now? Well, there’s Larry Wall, inventor…

Science Tidbits

Snow blankets part of Arabian Peninsula, proving Global Warming is a Myth: UAE mountain covered in rare snow A blanket of snow has covered a mountain in a part of the United Arab Emirates, a rare phenomenon for the desert Gulf country, according to local media report. Human Evolution Exhibit Fail: Seattle shows little love…

The Moon Had a Spinning Liquid Core

There are several things that can cause a magnetic signal to form in a rock (and this depends a lot on the rock). One is simply residing on a magnetic planet, like the earth. The other is being shocked by having, for instance, a meteor strike nearby. Another is heating from some other source. Many…

If you are interested in OpenAccess and related issues, please attend to this item at DrugMonkey: Pre-Publication Policy at the Journal of Neurophysiology

These shoes rule (These shoes suck)

Now that the shoe embargo is lifted… Hat Tip Ghetto Solutions