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The Mars Rover is Sooooo Stoned!!!!!

Does Spirit have a Boyfriend? Or may be a little drug habit? NASA is perplexed: PASADENA, Calif. – The team operating NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Spirit plans diagnostic tests this week after Spirit did not report some of its weekend activities, including a request to determine its orientation after an incomplete drive. Very suspicious. I’d…

Blogospherics: Recommended reads

The African Armyworm is on the march, wiping out crops in Liberia. Details here. Reading graphs: How we do it, and what it tells us about making better ones. Here. Marking classes interactive: better learning or just more fun? Here. The Continuum Hypothesis Solved: All Infinities are the Same? Nope. Here. Just For Fun Avian…

“Oath of Office” by Roy Zimmerman

I do not advocate this cookbook.

But it might be worth thumbing through it just for fun … You must be over 18 to read the rest of tis blog post. ————————- the fold —————————–

The Rightful Place of Science

The rightful place of science is moving, never staying in one place, ever dancing and watching, on the always shifting sociopolitical landscape. A team of white coated eggheads can solve any problem with enough science. We need to get rid of the Jews, and we don’t have enough bullets, so let’s get the eggheads to…

Atheist Talk Radio

Science is moving onto the internet. Collection of data, collaboration between researchers, communication and critique of results, teaching and learning–all are increasingly being done online. ScienceOnline, held January 16 – 18 in 2009, is a conference dedicated to discussing the intersection of science and online technologies. Bora Zivkovic, one of the founders and organizers of…

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