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A federal judge denied a request Thursday to keep secret the names of donors to California’s anti-gay marriage initiative, saying the public had a right to know who gave money to state ballot measures. Supporters of the Proposition 8 initiative, which overturned a state Supreme Court ruling that allowed gay marriage, had sought a preliminary…

But he’s not. President Barack Obama has chosen Joshua DuBois to lead his White House-based effort to steer federal social service dollars to religious charities and get them more involved in government anti-poverty efforts. DuBois, a political strategist who was religious affairs director in the Obama campaign, will head the President’s Council for Faith-Based and…

Canadian Faith Based Doctor Sucks

Andrea Markowski said she and her partner Ginette were stunned when the Winnipeg doctor told them during a “meet-and-greet” appointment she was uncomfortable accepting them as patients and had never treated “people like you” before. The doctor said she only treated “husbands and wives,” said Markowski, who is legally married to her partner of 18…

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A paper coming out in the next issue of the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases addresses the question of the link between vaccines and autism. This new review article examines three hypotheses linking vaccines to autism: (1) the combination measles‐mumps‐rubella vaccine causes autism by damaging the intestinal lining, which allows the entrance of encephalopathic proteins; (2)…

Tom Steele Elected RNC Chair

The black RNC chair has just been elected, replacing a more typical white supremacist guy who was the previous chair. I have no analysis to offer at this time.

Items of Interest

Virginia Gay Marriage Ban Repeal Fails. Details. Obama to Restore Family Planning Aid? Details Ocean dead zones made worse by global warming. Details.

Good Bye Northwest Airlines. I never liked you and I won’t miss you. You do not deserve to exist after what you did to me when my father died. And I speak for thousands of others who suffered your crap over the years. Hat Tip Miss Cellania