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Diversity in Science

A New Blog Carnival. This is a new blog carnival born of the ScienceOnline 09. Submit your entries to the carnival HERE. Read about the carnival HERE, a t DNLee’s blog.

Ze End Eet Ez Near

Race and the new DC Social Scene

An interesting essay … …Debra Lee, chief executive of Black Entertainment Television, has been on Washington’s A-list for some time, but she has been even more popular since Nov. 4, receiving invites from folks she doesn’t really know. “The first reaction is: ‘Wow. Isn’t that curious? Are they just using me?’ ” she said. “Then…

The Sky is Falling

Meteors are falling on your head all the time, or so it is said. I’ve heard that you can collect meteorites by sifting through the stuff that accumulates in your gutters with a magnet. The magnet ignores the silica rock and tarry stuff that your roof is made of, but picks up the iron bits…

Race Exhibit Comest to Cincinnati

This exhibit. Worth a look if you are in the area. Let me know what you think of it! some details.

New Hampshire: One step backwards

A bill that would have mandated that partners in civil unions be added to all state insurance laws was put on hold just as House committee was about to hold a hearing on the measure. Rep. Edward Butler (D), the bill’s sponsor, pulled the legislation, saying there were other measures dealing with same-sex couples that…

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