Blogospherics: Recommended reads

There is an interesting discussion going on among some of my fellow Sblings and others on the intertubes about so called “honorifics” … I suggest this post as a starting point: Honorifics, credentials, and respect, at Adventures in Ethics and Science.

Fight Fight!!!! Over diversity in science and how to talk about it on the internet. I suggest this post as a starting point to this discussion: An Open Letter by Dr. Isis at On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess.

While we are on the subject of diversity, DrugMonkey is running a series of posts highlighting diversity in science by profiling scientists who are not white males. Here here and here.

Laelaps on Darwin … Darwin’s Heartache

The other day, I made comments on my blog disparaging racism. And for this, the white supremacists over at some blog accused me of being Jewish!!! Which is not as far from the truth as one might expect, but this atheist found it rather funny. Not so funny, but I’m reminded of it anyway, is this post by Orac at Respectful Insolence: Better late than never? The Vatican demands that a Holocaust denier recant

Off politics for a while, the Questionable Authority Mike Dunford has an interesting piece on the Olympus Mons, on Mars.

Don’t miss: Neurotopia’s Are you an Egghead? The Instant Egghead Guide to the Mind

Check out these Sloppy Arguments about Mutation Rates discussed by MarkCC at Good Math, Bad Math.

Interesting bit of peer reviewed research discussed: Light-detecting backpacks record the complete migration routes of songbirds

Recently, Sister Sbling Zuska joined facebook. A number of us (especially me) went out of our way to get her hooked up with a number of friends. But maybe that was not such a good idea. Read about Zuska’s Face Book nightmare: Facebook vs. Alone Time

Finally, and sadly, ornithologist David Snow had died. Happily, he was pretty darn old and we can figure he had a great life. Grrrrrrl Scientist has a very nice obit: Goodbye to an Ornithological Great: David Snow

And today’s Darwin Award goes to an unnamed person who now sleeps with the fishes after falling into Lake Erie. He and several others were out on the ice fishing, when the ice they were on broke off. Rescuing 150 morons was probably a rather expensive affair. Don’t ice fish on Lake Erie! Details here.