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LOL Cat of the Week

My Home Town!

Darwin and The Gauchos

We’re half way through Darwin Month, and only a tiny ways through the voyage. Need to hurry up! So, let’s skip ahead a bit and hit the Gauchos….

Mountain Climbing Robot

Earliest Animals

A Much Earlier Start for Animals Where did all the animals come from? … The problem with the earliest animals, from a paleontologist’s perspective, is that they lacked hard parts. … The answer lies in the unique molecules they left behind…. one such molecule [c]alled 24-IPC, … is only produced by Demospongiae, a class of…

Darwin South of the Tropics

Eventually, the Beagle headed south to the area of Uruguay and Argentina, still on the Atlantic Coast, where extensive mapping of the coastal waters was required.

A very interesting new blog …

… has emerged on the blogosphere. Anna’s Bones is about bones, evolution, and everything in between. Which I guess means cartilage. She started out as a Social Anthropologists but then she go’ bettah. And she’s a godless liberal. Check out Anna’s Bones.

For the past few days I have been in contact with Mr. Richard Mullens a school teacher in Brookeland Tx. Brookeland Tx, is an incredibly “Conservative” area of Texas, and only 16 miles up the road from Jasper Tx. the scene of several incidents of racial violence and murder. Mullens has been the victim of…

Blogospherics: Cool Science

How diversity creates itself – cascades of new species among flies and parasitic wasps at Not Exactly Rocket Science. Dave has: Australian wildfires and risks of increased erosion rates Personalized Genetics: Too Soon, Too Little? from Laika’s MedLibLog Giant killer lungfish from Hell at Laelaps. Sexual Siblings: Socio-Ecological Reproductive Strategy from Ecographica

The mother of the woman who used a fertility doctor to give birth to octuplets, despite already having six young children, called her daughter’s actions “unconscionable” in an interview posted online Sunday. details I’m not sure my hypothesis of a race effect has been fully falsified, but the alternative hypotheses of edginess due to the…