Earthquake Triggering of Mud Volcanoes

ResearchBlogging.orgA quick note for those of you interested in mud volcanoes (and I know there are many of you). From an article titled “Earthquake Triggering of Mud Volcanoes” by Magna et al we learn that …

Mud volcanoes sometimes erupt within days after nearby earthquakes. The number of such nearly coincident events is larger than would be expected by chance and the eruptions are thus assumed to be triggered by earthquakes. Here we compile observations of the response of mud volcanoes and other geologic systems (earthquakes, volcanoes, liquefaction, ground water, and geysers) to earthquakes. The compilation shows a clear magnitude-distance threshold for triggering, suggesting that these seemingly disparate phenomena may share similar underlying triggering mechanisms. The compilation also shows that pre-existing geysers and already-erupting volcanoes and mud volcanoes are much more sensitive to earthquakes than quiescent systems.

M MANGA, M BRUMM, M RUDOLPH (2009). Earthquake Triggering of Mud Volcanoes Marine and Petroleum Geology DOI: 10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2009.01.019


  1. #1 Kim
    February 10, 2009

    I believe Science Bloggers know the 2nd author…

  2. #2 Silver Fox
    February 10, 2009

    Yay, Maria!

  3. #3 Potomac Oracle
    February 5, 2010


    The first thing I did three years ago was buy two books. Beyond Oil, by the Shell petrogeologists, and a 169 dollar book on Mud volcanoes, one of the first ones printed. I have other reports on many of them, by many experts, from all over the world during different periods of knowledge on methane hydrates.

    Everything they say is right except the age, which they are pathetic about and are just making up and giving laughable unscientific reasons at the end of the report for the reasons they gave for the age.

    And of course they do not say the oil industry is responsible for making them, despite the fact it has been known since 2006, that mud volcanoes can not form in anything but absolutely fresh water. Add salt and you can not originate them, and the only fresh water down there in those bore holes and wells under the crust is the oil mans water.

    I have the book Beyond Oil by a Shell petrogeologists that says just this, “…water is rarely encountered on the way down or where they drill, but if it is, it is ancient briny(salty) water.

    I am working on something for my meteorologist now, which I will send you also, but as soon as I have done that I will send you some of my mud volcanoes reports with my debunking notes.

    This guy is most probably like Al Gore, or like the Mckay chap in Canada, who said 160 foot Pingoes were the result of frost heave created out of three feet of permafrost. Duhh. He is either on the intelligence community take like the Mckay guy was, or he knows nothing about EOR, like Al Gore knows nothing about atmospheric gases, so he can not ascertain the source creating the volcanoes correctly.

  4. #4 Pump Suppliers
    July 9, 2010

    Yes its true, we have to aware more than now, because in near future it will affect more if the Global warming persists.