Most unnecessary controversy this week: Eluana Englaro Dead

Dumbest thing I’ve see all week: Darwinism Must Die So That Evolution May Live

Most current news of the day: SENATE OKS STIMULUS PLAN

Most scariest commentary: Why It Truly Is Blood for Oil

Most interesting Nature and Environment story of the day: Global warming changing birds’ habits

Most obscure pseudonym evah: here.

Best Way to Learn Minnesotan: Hjemkomst Means Homecoming


  1. #1 Joel
    February 10, 2009

    Most disturbing news story, how something like this happens in 2009 is beyond me. You may remember last spring Iowa had the largest raid on immigrant workers. Apparently, we suck.

    Disabled men living in rundown Atalissa home to be moved

    WATERLOO – The 21 mentally disabled men rescued this weekend from a dilapidated bunkhouse in Atalissa will be relocated to the Cedar Valley, a Department of Human Services official said today.

    The men will be placed under the care of Exceptional Persons Inc. in Waterloo. Spokesman Roger Munns said the department searched for a safe location where the men could keep in regular contact with each other and have work and recreational opportunities available.
    The men were living in what Culver called a bunkhouse and a “deplorable situation” and worked at nearby West Liberty Foods, a turkey processing facility. Culver said money was deducted from the men’s paychecks for housing and other services.
    The home the men were living in, operated by Henry’s Turkey Service, had no heating system and windows boarded up with plywood. The only heat was provided by space heaters.

    Reports indicate the boiler had been out several years, Culver said, and there were serious concerns about how the management company was handling the finances of the men for their work.

  2. #2 Joel
    February 10, 2009

    He said they believed the service had control over their Supplemental Security Income checks in the same way they did their salary checks.