What I Had for Dinner Last Night

Last night I had some grapes, some artichoke dip on bread, some cheese and crackers, and some Merlot in a plastic cup. Which can only mean one thing: I was at a catered event!

Indeed, it was the Darwin Day celebration at the Bell Museum. There was Darwin Cake and the opening of two exhibits, and a presentation by five scientists, myself included, on Darwin, Evolution and stuff.

The speakers were:

Dr. Mark Borrello, history of science
Dr. Sehoya Cotner, professor of biology
Dr. Greg Laden, biological anthropologist
Dr. Keith Olive, particle physicist
Dr. Mark Decker, professor of biology

And a special thanks and shout out to Shanai Matteson who is so good at making this sort of thing happen.

Mark Decker totally ruined it for the rest of us presenters by giving one of the best talks I’ve ever seen. Damn him and his talents!!!!!

For those of whom were there and wanted a slightly expanded view of the crap I was spewing out, here are three posts on this blog that you may want to look at:

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And, Lynne had mentioned Congo Memoires. Start here. Read the first one and near the end you’ll find a link to the next one. Then read that one. And there will be a link. And so on and so forth. Enjoy. (Or, if not, stop reading them!)


  1. #1 Stephanie Z
    February 13, 2009

    And huge kudos to Lynn for coping gracefully with some of the most dramatically ridiculous technical issues I’ve ever seen.

  2. #2 Lorax
    February 13, 2009

    Parental duties (and a ton of work) prevented me from attending last night, want to provide those of us deprived individuals with some details on the talks? At least I had cake recently, thanks to the timeliness of my wife’s birthday.