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Some Technology Talk

First, I want to tell you that I think I might have accidentally broken facebook. It is going to be a while before this becomes apparent, but I think it might be true. Then, I’ve got some cool links for Linux Lovers.

Only read this post if you are obsessed with stupid shit.

Just who does this comet think it is? The comet Lulin, discovered last year by a Chinese teenage amateur astronomer, has never been here before. This is its first pass around the sun. It will, owing to a number of different poorly explained by science journalists effects, fly at the sun backwards, spewing green gasses.…


How to Stop Taking Things Personally Top 10 Common Medical Myths 10 Illustrated Versions of Evolution

Zvan Confesses.

Saturday’s post was probably the most cynical thing I’ve ever written. I hope it was worthwhile, but I’m probably never going to know. What I do know is that I’ve burned up some self-respect and likely the trust of several of my readers. I’m sorry for that. It went like this…. Read The Ironies.

Chimps in captivity are a problem.

The incident just reported an hour or so ago is unusual, but not unexpected or unheard of. A 200-pound chimpanzee kept as a pet and once used in commercials was shot and killed by police Monday after it mauled a woman visiting its owner and later cornered an officer in his cruiser, authorities said. Stamford…