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A very bad experience with Microsoft

Read over this poor man’s experiences (below the fold) and tell me what you think he should do. The options are: 1) Keep using Windows; 2) Switch to using a Mac or Linux; 3) Reboot himself. Bonus question: Name the chump.

My student, Marta, exploded the other day. She was sitting there in class two weeks ago and exploded. She does not know that I know this, but I noticed it happen. Since she was sitting, as usual, in the front row, and it was all in her face, the other students did not see it…


Good evening. Starting in a few seconds we will be having Behavioral Biology Redux Days at Greg Laden’s Blog. For various reasons that are not interesting enough to relate, it is time for me to dust off some of my notes and meanderings related to the behavioral biology of gender, and as part of that…

Look Around You

The Recluse Spider Warnings

It is almost Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. One thing this means that US citizens and I’d bet some Canadians will be receiving the annual Brown Recluse Spider Warnings via Email. In order to reduce the negative effects of this email spamish meme, I hereby inoculate you. If you get the email, which usually comes…

Technology Tidbits

A Minty Fresh Linux Install MS Office is not integrated with itself at Linux in Exile

The Credit Crisis Visualized

Part I Part II Hat tip: Analiese.

Cool Reading (mainly science)

when satellites collide, it’s really a drag at Cocktail Party Physics. Disgusting science news of the week: arsenic in toenails by Virginia Hughes. New blog: The Weekly Virus.

details below the fold