Archives for February 24, 2009

Chimpanzee Food Sharing

Is chimpanzee food sharing an example of food for sex? One of the most important transitions in human evolution may have been the incorporation of regular food sharing into the day to day ecology of our species or our ancestors. Although this has been recognized as potentially significant for some time, it was probably the…

Marta’s (good) questions, … fur

Why did humans evolve hairlessness? Hair (fur) protects mammals from heat and cold, what would be the benefit from losing this asset? I think the most commonly held theory is that fur works on quadrupeds, but once you stand upright, it is less effective, and less fur works better. For later time periods, clothing works…

Diversity in Science Carnival

I want to draw your attention to this carnival: Diversity in Science #1: Black History Month Celebration This is the first one, and this should prove to be an important blogospheric contribution.

Technology Stuff

*nix Sunday Funnies. Type this at the command line: netstat -tp and see what software you’ve got running is talking to the Intertubes. Details.

Marta’s (good) questions, … continued

Why did the evolution of a large brain happen only once (among mammals, and in particular, primates?) Larger brains have evolved a number of times. It seems that there has been a trend over several tens of millions of years of evolution of larger brains in various clades, such as carnivores and primates. There is…