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Fear 101

Public Schools new dress code enforced – watch more funny videos

Technology Tidbits

Microsoft’s Ballmer indicates that Linux is moving ahead of Mac as a threat to Windows. UK Goes OpenSource Women in OpenSource Report

A “pre-existing condition” in the North Indian Ocean stoked the sudden intensification of last year’s Tropical Cyclone Nargis just before its devastating landfall in Burma, according to a new NASA/university study. The cyclone became Burma’s worst natural disaster ever and one of the deadliest cyclones of all time.

Karmic Koala Prospects Kloudy

In a good way. Ubuntu 9.10 is scheduled for release in October of this year, and will include the Amazon EC2 API. This will allow anyone to have a cloud using all OpenSource raw materials. And it will be energy savvy. From Mark Shuttleworth: What if you want to build an EC2-style cloud of your…

An Open Letter to All Software Developers, I don’t like changing, shifting, cutsie, idiotic date formats, and I don’t like rounding off much either. Many systems that provide information on date and time make unwrarented and embarrassingly stupid assumptions about what you want to know. In Movable Type, the system designers assume that if a…

This week we touched on the adviser/advisee relationship between faculty and students in class, and by coincidence blogger k8andcat has posted a very insightful and useful post on this topic. If you are a student (grad or undergrad) or a potential mentor, please read it. It is here.

Insane snowfall

We are expecting the storm of the year today in the Twin Cities. I’m looking at a weather map, and there is snow everywhere around Minneapolis and Saint Paul, including where I am. Events have been canceled. The whole nine yards (important planning related sports metaphor). Yet when I look outside, I see not one…

Viva la Evolucion Shirt

This t-shirt company uses designs by teenagers in a way that may provide for an interesting creative outlet. Interestingly, a few of these kids are making creationist shirts, and a few are making evolution-friendly shirts.

Myostatin mutations

Bash 4.0 includes associative arrays, a superwildcard called “**” and a new redirection operator. Details are here.