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For Ol’ Times Sake

Laughing at Coulter. Below the fold.

Inside CPAC

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How much would you bet on this economy?

Or, more precisely, during this economy? Stephanie Zvan at Quiche Moraine examines the question of using gaming as a way out of the state’s fiscal crisis in the North Star State, in Assessing the Odds.

Perhaps we are all subject to falling into the trap of what I call the Hydraulic Theory of Everything. If you eat more you will be bigger, if you eat less you will be smaller. Emotional states are the continuously varying outcome of different levels of a set of hormones, forming “happy” or “stressy” or…

This barking dog is not very smart. But it could make a good Republican. The only thing harder to understand than Michele Bachmann is the Republican Party. Bachmann is hard to understand in this way: How can a person with her mind be an elected member of congress?!?!??? The Republican party is hard to understand…

PLoS Paleontology Collections

PLoS ONE is a veritable fire hose of OpenAccess research. Which is nice, but how do you browse a fire hose? By using the PLoS ONE collections you can track your favorite topic or delve into the earlier literature or just browse around. And now, starting just moments ago, there is a PLoS collection on…