PLoS Paleontology Collections

PLoS ONE is a veritable fire hose of OpenAccess research. Which is nice, but how do you browse a fire hose?

By using the PLoS ONE collections you can track your favorite topic or delve into the earlier literature or just browse around. And now, starting just moments ago, there is a PLoS collection on paleontology:

This collection represents those articles published in PLoS ONE on the general topic of paleontology (the study of fossils and of life forms that existed in past geological periods). The discipline is very broad, overlapping with both biology and geology, and the findings reported in these articles span several geological eras and further our understanding of organisms from multiple phyla. Articles are presented in order of publication date and new articles will be added to The Paleontology Collection as they are published. We welcome submissions in this field.

Go here and enjoy.