Archives for March 2, 2009

Apparently, there has been some significant movement in Florida, as a major shift has occurred in public opinion regarding evolution vs. creationism. Nearly 100 percent of readers of the Orlando Sentinel, it would seem at least on the surface, to support the teaching of evolution, and not creationism, in public schools. See? Incredible.

Akiko’s Perfect Gift

Only one person on the crew spoke English, and this was the same person, a young woman named Akiko, who called herself a “production assistant,” with whom I’d been in communication to arrange this whole thing, over the last many months.

Command Line Fun

Plant Carnival

Berry Go Round #14 is up and running at Gravity’s Rainbow. Here. Enjoy!

Lenovo Dual Screen Laptop

The Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds is a rather unique product, targeted squarely at mobile professionals who require the power, features, and performance of workstation-class machine on the go. We previously evaluated the standard ThinkPad W700 and praised the system for its performance and stand-out integrated features, like a Wacom Digitizer Tablet and X-Rite Color Calibrator. The…

Duck! 2009 DD45 is flying by

Late word out of the IAU’s Minor Planet Center: a small asteroid will pass close to Earth [on] …March 2nd … at 13:44 Universal Time. How close? The MPC’s Timothy Spahr calculates that it’ll be 0.00047 astronomical unit from Earth’s center. That’s only about 40,000 miles (63,500 km) up — well inside the Moon’s orbit…