Christians Split on Evoluion

A Texas-sized battle over scrapping a longtime requirement that Lone Star State students be taught weaknesses in the theory of evolution has split politicians, parents, and professors who teach biology at the state’s Christian universities.

“I hope to reach others on the weightier matters of the Resurrection, hope of eternal life, and the kingdom of heaven while I work out how evolution does not have to conflict with Christianity,” said Daniel Brannan, a biology professor at Abilene Christian University.

Brannan joined hundreds of scientists in signing a 21st Century Science Coalition petition that supports new curriculum standards for the state’s 4.7 million public-school students. The petition states that Evolution is an easily observable phenomenon that has been documented “beyond any reasonable doubt?”

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  1. #1 Pierce R. Butler
    March 5, 2009

    What’s that final question mark about?

  2. #2 Lilian Nattel
    March 5, 2009

    Maybe there’s hope for the States yet.