Photo of Richard Dawkins …

… giving talk at University of Minnesota.


taken from way far away with my very crappy cell phone camera.


  1. #1 Stephanie Z
    March 7, 2009

    But the important question is whether Julia appreciated it.

  2. #2 Greg Laden
    March 7, 2009

    Yes. She said,”Oh, I didn’t know he was an old guy.” And I said, “How can you tell, he’s a tiny dot?”

    (This was before I blew the picture up and cropped it, as you see it here.)

    “From his white hair.”

    Kid’s got ESP, I guess.

  3. #3 Mankel
    March 7, 2009

    Don’t you see his halo?

  4. #4 csrster
    March 8, 2009

    Who’s the toff in the topper on the ppt?

  5. #5 Dizzlski
    March 8, 2009

    That was pretty much from my angle. Why were you so late? Tsk, tsk.

  6. #6 Robin Edgar
    March 8, 2009

    That’s *probably* a photo of Richard Dawkins.

    Now start worrying and enjoy buying a *real* camera. . . 🙂

  7. #7 Greg Laden
    March 8, 2009

    The person in the power point is Prince Andrew.

    Well, that’s not a real camera, but it is a real cell phone… sort of.