Archives for March 8, 2009

Do you see an ad floating over this blog post (or any other posts on this blog)? If you do, and you like having this ad obscure what you are trying to see, let the marketing division of the company who’s ad it is know. Send your emails here. Or maybe you don’t like it.…

Calling All Texans

Well, not ALL of you. Just the ones who also happen to be Scientists. Texans only, please. If you are not a Texan Scientist do not read this blog post.

The Bourne Supremacy

The Bourne Shell, that is … … we speak to Steve Bourne, creator of the Bourne shell, or sh. In the early 1970s Bourne was at the Computer Laboratory in Cambridge, England working on a compiler for ALGOL68 as part of his PhD work in dynamical astronomy. This work paved the way for him to…

Whatever You Like (Cells Parody)

This reminds me of Lou Reed. Not sure why. The voice, I think.

Cool Linux

I have a bunch of designers at my job, and they all carry around an apple. No not the fruit, you know the vastly overpriced and over-hyped electronics brand. These guys think they are so cool with there notebooks running extremely expensive designer software. I think this is somewhat of a problem with Linux. While…