Archives for March 13, 2009

Save money with Linux

A recent report has revealed that France’s national police force has saved an estimated 50 million euros since 2004 by adopting open source software and migrating a portion of the organization’s workstations to Ubuntu Linux. They plan to roll out the Linux distro to all 90,000 of their workstations by 2015. ars

Governors Gone Wild

I live in a state where the governer, in order to maintain his moral and ethical high ground, must refuse any stimulus package money whatsoever. I also live in a state that just accepted piles of stimulus money to start up a number of shovel-ready projects. If my calculations are correct, this money will tranlate…

Hackers! Help!

Somebody’s site on the internet is borked and it needs your help! Hat tip to MN Progressive for identifying this problem. Go help out Dusty Trice.

Minnesota Recount

Today, the last witness for the Franken campaign made it through the weather and testified. Franken’s side rested! The special side case of the Nauen petition “count my votes” appeared to finish. However finishing does still seem to be a problem, because apparently the rebuttals and cross-examinations of rebuttals can go on a long time.…

I just got this brief from Robert Luhn of the NCSE Representative Leo Berman (Republican, District 6, Smith County) has just introduced HB 2800, which would exempt “certain private nonprofit educational institutions” from the rules other degree-granting schools must follow in Texas. The aim, apparently, is to help the Institute for Creation Research’s graduate school,…

Why is Lucy Tanking?

You probably know by now that the travelling exhibit featuring the bones o Al-288-1, known to most as “Lucy,” has been drawing small crowds, and the museums that are hosting it are losing money. Why? I have guess.

This is interesting …

Rachel Maddow on the Thwarted Dirty Bomb Attack that didn’t happen. And the one that did. (As an extension of the Palin/McCain incitement of violence.) Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy I hope she gets off.

Dr. Erik Klemetti is … a geologist who spends most of his professional time thinking about magma. Looking for info on the latest eruption? You’ve found the place. You can’t have too many geologists. Welcome Eric! ERUPTIONS

Tiny Jellyfish Trapped In Tiny Lake

An interesting example of natural selection. If these organisms were humans, someone would be asking “Has evolution stopped for these jellyfish, I mean, humans?” And the answer is no.

Near Miss in Space

The crew of the international space station had a close call with a spent satellite engine in Earth orbit Thursday, forcing the crew to take shelter aboard its return capsule before the object passed harmlessly, NASA said. cnn Well, as George Carlin would say, “That was not a near miss. It was a near hit.”