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Do you know what the EFCA is?

EFCA stands for the Employee Free Choice Act, and it is the controversial US federal bill that would change the way Unions can be formed in the workplace. This bill is so controversial that it is one of the reasons that the Republican Party is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the Minnesota…

Adria on Rachel Maddow

Rachel has a flashback … And ends up in Minnesota. Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy Adria’s web site is here.

Four Stone Hearth

Four Stone Hearth, the Anthro Web Carnival, is here, at Osteologiska Foreningen.


The Latest Analiese’s Reading, the Arts and Oddities Edition. Join the discussion on Gender Trends in Science and Medical Writing Iowa rejects “Evolution Academic Freedom Act”… at Stranger Fruit How to Track Space Junk Online at Wired. I think they’re using twitter or something. The worst puns on the Internet at Miss Cellania. ‘We believe…

Norm Coleman Pwned (howto)

The story of Norm Coleman’s database hack inadvertent access from the hacker security consultant (whom I consider to be a hero) herself. Wow. She’d going on my blogroll. Check it out. See comments below for commentary on the meaning of the word “hacker” and it’s change over time.

Skeptics Circle Number 107 ….

Is supposed to be HERE, but until I see definitive proof, I’m not buying it.


Car runs on compressed air. Hat tip: Bunny

The end is near

Any time now …. The Singularity Approachith. From the same people who gave you the “I don’t like it when you touch me that way” robot, we have this: Click on the picture. Also, notice that you can get 3.14 bucks off a subscription to Seed because it’s Pi Day! Listen to me. When the…

1) No matter how secure the secret government facility, there will always be an unguarded network of tube-like service entrances; 2) The head of the most important secret government agency, charged with the greatest of responsibilities, will be a knuckle headed moron; 3) No matter how many people are after you, using all sorts of…