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My wife just got a link sent to her by a fellow teacher that points to a site that shows visually what a trillion dollars and two cents would look like if you put it all in one place. Check it out: What does one TRILLION dollars look like? But be careful, DO NOT CLICK…

Condor Shot, Wounded, In Treatment

A California Condor was apparently ill (with suspected lead poisoning) so it was brought in for treatment. It was then discovered that it had been shot some time earlier . Unable to eat on its own, the condor was under intensive care at the Los Angeles Zoo and its prognosis was guarded, said Susie Kasielke,…

My Neighbor’s New Planter

Ron Silver Is Dead

At age 62, political activist and actor (Reversal of Fortune, West Wing). He was a co-founder of the Creative Coalition. He was a good Democrat who Went Rogue after 911.

The Quattro Toilet

This is really good, because I can never get those damn chess sets to go down in one flush. null – Watch more free videos And that was perfect toilet music, don’t you think?

An open letter to Barack Obama

Dear President Obama, Congratulations on passing the stimulus package! I hope that the stimulus package will help the economy get back on track. One thing that could help is to eliminate some of the approximately five billion dollars a day that we waste as a world economy with closed source, proprietary software. How do I…

NASA has space satellites in 3D

… cool! Oh, but wait, it’s all Flash Multimedia stuff and you have to install extra plugins and that doens’t really work that well (their servers may be jammed). OK, NASA is going to eventually have Space Satellites in 3D. Click here to check it out, and let me know if it starts working properly.

The 94th Carnival of Space

… is Here, at Out of the Cradle.


grep Now, for your assignment, write a bash one liner or short script that finds and kills any process associated with Firefox.