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For the Birds

You’ve heard about the dismal report of the state of birds in the US. Here is a detailed account of the USFW et al report. And here are a few different items regarding migratory birds and what you can do about them. Citizen Science Is for the Birds Open Data: Help Migratory Bird Observations Fly…

There will be a quiz.

More teaching methodology

With Emily Litela

How to engage your students.

Is teaching a way of life or a profession? It probably depends on the teacher.

I interrupt this seemingly endless stream of YouTube Videos to announce that Tomorrow (Sunday) Morning, PalMD, of, (White Coat Underground) will be interviewed on Atheist Talk Radio. The interview will be conducted by Stephanie Zvan, and the director of the show is Mike Haubrich, both of Quiche Moraine Dot Com. AM 950 KTNF on…

This exact thing happened to me the other day. Signs (without Mel Gibson) – watch more funny videos I wonder if it is best to just stay away from University campuses.

How to teach

“This is not rocket science.” I would not have done it this way. The teacher on the couch concurs. What would you do?

From Dump Bachmann: In the beginning of this video Bachmann says she is a “former federal tax litigation attorney”. Bachmann was introduced on a Fox talking heads show recently as a “federal tax attorney”. Actually, if I recall correctly, Bachmann’s J.D. is from Oral Roberts (since de-accredited), and her LL.M. in tax law is from…

Best Comment Of The Month!

… comes from D.C. Sessions. HERE …