Tangled Up in Blue Guy has this: Angela Belcher and Batteries.

Belcher, a bioengineer at MIT, is hacking biological systems within viruses to create new kinds of batteries

That would be so cool.

Joe My God has this: Gainesville FL Votes Today On Repealing LGBT Discrimination Protection

Do the right thing, Gainesville!

The Carnival of Radical Feminists is Here. (Part I, anyway)

Sticking with what is almost a theme here, Thus Spake Zuska has two items: Why Can’t Women Do Anything Great? and The Problem of the Problem of Motherhood in Science

Combining motherhood – combining parenthood – with a career in science is certainly no easy task, but is there, perhaps, an excessive focus on this as the issue for women in science? Is motherhood + science, in some ways, a red herring?

… it’s complicated.

And Almost Diamonds has a new post up related to science journalism: How to Do Sensationalism.

First off, let me just say that it’s very wrong that I found out about an article in PLos Medicine through Facebook instead of Bora. I mean, I know Bora can’t bring everything interesting to my attention, but…still.