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The Problem With Power Strips

My BFF Ana told me that there is a law being considered to stop electronic device manufacturers from making a different power supply thingie, with different connectors, every time they make a different device (such as a calculator, a USB hub, a printer, a charger, a modem, etc. etc.). I haven’t told too many people…

Well, I suppose we could go get guns and knives and bludgeons and just go KILL HER. That certainly would be a kind of ironic justice. But since we are all peace loving non violent types, I suppose we are going to have to make sure she does not win the next election. Whatever. But…

How to make a symbolic link

Maddow on Neocons

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Blogospherics: Questions Abound

The Ethical Palaeontologist eats dinosaurs for dinner. Mmmm mmm good. But was it ethical? The Island of Doubt asks: Are we ‘safe’ with 2 degrees of warming? Almost Diamonds asks: What is Michele Bachmann really up to? Perhaps she is The Bullheaded Bullhorn. Pure Pedantry looks at a peer reviewed paper and asks: Does it…

Here’s the info on Ubunto 9.04, Jaunty Jackelope, Beta. Key new stuff: Newer versions of Gnome, X.Org, and the LInux Kernel Ext 4 file system Cloud computing Turn-key mail servers Other stuff

Skeptic’s Circle 108

A unique topsy turvy odd Skeptics Circle, the 108th. At Podblack Cat

EWR: Fourteen Times The Goodness

The March 29, 2009 edition of Everything Worth Reading Blog Carnival on March 28 aka EWR: Fourteen Times The Goodness is HERE.