Twitter – Fear = News

I have not responded to Bora’s Epic Post on Journalism and Blogging because it is big and overwhelming and I’m going to have to think about this for a long time. Here, I want to make just two quick observations.

Observation 1: Blogging and journalism may be alike in many areas, but a blogger and a journalist are not the same thing, in my view, and I think this is important. A journalist is a professional person with certain expectations, following certain guidelines, etc. etc. A blogger is someone with a blog. Maybe the blogger is a journalist, maybe the blogger is a scientist, maybe the blogger is someone who has something interesting for breakfast and opened a account so we could all read about it.

This may seem to conflict with what Bora is saying in his post, but it is not meant to. I happen to mainly agree with Bora in most or all of what he is saying there. However, the distinction has often had an impact on me as a blogger and therefore I can’t ignore it.

Observation 2: Have you heard the story about the guy who did not commit suicide because of Twitter + Demi Moore?

If you check out the news reporting on this (by journalists) we get a different story than I think we’d get from Bora (or me, or anyone who uses twitter).

Official version: This guy may have had his life saved, but Twitter does not save lives. Only seeing professional help via the usual channels saves lives.

Bora or me or whomever: Well, the guy did get his life saved. By twittering. And so on. Is this not important?

(if you’ve not seen this story, here‘s one source)

Twitter is new, and the establishment is afraid of it . Dozens of people will have to have their lives saved with Twitter as a factor before anyone in that establishment starts to take it seriously.